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This is the Baggit Brakkit.
A versatile bracket designed for use in the
kitchen to eliminate under the sink trash can.
Simply hang one on the cabinet door under the sink.
Attach a grocery shopping bag and use instead of a
trash can. Bag stays open for easy access. Inside or
outside the cabinet.
Made in the USA.
Detroit, Michigan
US Patent
Ideal for use in campers where space is limited.
Light weight and durable.
Simply indestructible. Strong and flexible
Polycarbonate. Does not scratch wood
surface. No need for fasteners.
                         Great for use in:
Kitchens      Bathrooms   Dorms/ Apts.
RVs              Campers      Boats
Sleeping cabins for heavy trucks
Boats with cabinets in sleeping quarters
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of $3.99.
S&H $3.50.
Continental US
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$2.00 for each
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